Stepping In It



Dirty word, right? You’re not supposed to bring it up lest you alienate potential readers. That’s bad for business. However, the way I feel about the current political climate is a big part of how I write and how I think, so perhaps if my opinions do make certain people want to burn my books (difficult as they are digital right now, mwa hahaha with evil mustachio twirl) that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Those people aren’t going to like what I write anyhow.

They aren’t my readers.

Now, that’s not to say that I use my writing as a soapbox. I’m just telling a story. But at the heart of the story there is a sliver of knowledge, a kernel of truth and a bit of belief that comes straight from how I feel about the situation we’re all in these days.

Because in every piece of fiction I think there should be some truth.

Is it your truth? Maybe not. But it’s mine. And I can’t, and won’t, cover it up in a lame attempt to appeal to more people. Right now someone who gave me otherwise brilliant advice about marketing is shaking their head and looking forward to an ‘I told you so’ when my sales figures roll in.

And that’s fine. We’ll still be friends. I’m a big believer in freedom of speech and being able to get along with others even if they have differing viewpoints. Most of all, it’ll be okay because at the end of the day being authentic pretty important when it comes to writing, even (especially) fiction.

But that’s just my opinion. Feel free to disagree (in a non-violent, non-confrontational manner). I’ll fight to my last breath for your right to do so.

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