Seeing my book on the virtual shelf next to so many authors I admire and have read is both humbling and motivating.dune

I can still remember getting a paperback copy of Frank Herbert’s Dune for Christmas when I was 12. So imagine what a feeling it was when I woke up to see Last Alive at #13 right beside Dune.

The title of this post is motivation, and there’s no better word for it. Even if it’s only for a minute, seeing my words alongside a great like Herbert is inspiration to keep writing. It’s what will keep me getting up to start my writing day at 5am when it’s still dark and the house is freezing.

Along with the wonderful reviews readers have left and the lovely words they’ve emailed personally. I’m writing for them, and for that amazing moment of seeing my story right up there with the stories that inspired me to write in the first place.

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